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Spaces for rent
AA0570 m²0A0
CC0600 m²0C0
AA13192 m²1A13
CC1600 m²1C1
FF1600 m²1F1
AA2600 m²2A2
BB23169 m²2B23
CC2600 m²2C2
AA3600 m²3A3
BB3600 m²3B3
CC3600 m²3C3
CC4600 m²4C4
FF5460 m²5F5

A major asset

To meet the needs and evolutions of both large companies and SMEs, Bloom offers you surface areas perfectly adapted to your activities and capable of accompanying the development of your company.

Each floor has 600m2 of modular space, allowing you to create horizontal and vertical links to facilitate your installation and communication between departments.

Bloom adapts to your needs.

Modular office space, to suit your company's needs and enable it to grow with confidence.

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