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Complying with the most demanding standards

The complete renovation of Bloom's buildings meets the requirements of the Swiss Sustainable Building Standard (SNBS) and MINERGIE-Rénovations labels.

Thus, through the quality of its site, infrastructure and services, Bloom makes a real ecological and social contribution, certified by the SNBS GOLD label.


Development quality

The renovation work and the materials used ensure that the buildings are highly durable, and help to open up the site to the neighborhood by creating high-quality indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Well-being and health

Bloom offers interior comfort and amenities that contribute to the well-being of its residents, including increased daylighting and acoustic insulation.


Potentiel for use

The buildings, their modularity and their location guarantee a high potential for use. The creation of a new, specially adapted parking lot encourages the use of bicycles, while the pooling of car parking takes the pressure off the neighborhood's parking areas.

Regional economy

By bringing together multiple companies, Bloom makes a positive contribution to the regional economy.


Resources and environment

The construction and operation of the site preserve resources and the environment.
Energy requirements have been drastically reduced, notably by 70% for heating. A photovoltaic system will produce 20% of the electricity used on site.

Nature and landscape

Bloom boasts a wooded park and a clear view of Lake Geneva and the surrounding region. Outdoor spaces feature permeable, vegetated surfaces.
Source of pictograms and themes: snbs-batiment.ch