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Workplace... Living place...

Habits and ways of thinking about work are evolving.

Bloom offers a setting that favors the right balance between professional life and personal comfort. Spaces planted with trees for relaxation, catering facilities and changing rooms equipped with showers are just some of the extras that enable your employees to find the harmony and well-being to which they aspire in their workplace.

Enjoying your workplace contributes to your personal well-being and professional fulfillment.

Green spaces for relaxing moments

Bloom offers a natural working environment. A vast wooded park, an oasis of coolness in summer, contributes to everyone's well-being and could even be used for informal meetings.

Catering facilities that encourage sharing

Sharing a meal with colleagues, friends or family and making the most of your lunch break without having to travel helps make your workplace a living space.

Structures that encourage movement

Being able to practice a sport close to your workplace is also essential for the health and balance of your employees. Close to sports facilities, Bloom also provides changing rooms with showers.